Orient Express

Tuesday, November 17, 2015
Intoxicated Ramblings at 6:14 AM

odd feelings lately. realisation of loneliness but in the setting of peace? more of an optimistic background...i am falling deep into a world where i am the only centre and it's a tight balance at the top in order to support everything under it.

immense happiness come in distanced periods, but it is like a ship making berth and it is a fantastic parade for the short and limited duration of its stay. you know things will never remain and things will always be changing. the loneliness of this realisation and embracing the truth. concurrently, becoming mesmerised by that clarity. there is a third party appreciation of life and whilst being the observer outside of the glass globe i am simply looking into the world revolving inside those glass walls.

in that respect, i am okay as long as the world that is happening is sufficient and supported. i am the mere shepherd who lives to provide humanity to others. and i am very agreeable to that notion.


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