Orient Express

Friday, May 15, 2015
this is your song at 7:26 PM

Scrambling to get by, with every tear and let down
I see courage
With every rejection and heartache, when you think the world is against you
I see beauty
With every incline and then eventual decline as you relapse
I see hope
Seeing how far you have thrived all on your own
I feel awe
It is a waste to compare you to any other, as you are so unique, unlike anything ordinary. Your happiness and sadness are on a different level, and i can only observe and try to reach you so you can see yourself the way i see you

I cannot comfortably give you away to anyone, as hardly anybody would be sufficient to support and understand you. I know you try to see the good in others and forgive nearly all the time, but at what cost? You deserve better than the rest.
You are strength, courage, beauty, humour, addictive charm, intelligence and you understand delicate emotions. After all your tears, you are still not afraid of being hurt yet again.
You are a rare being and i am putting my foot down when i tell you that you will not settle for any less.

Don't disappoint me, and most importantly, don't underestimate yourself.


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