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Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Many thoughts at 7:06 AM

Define myself? Forever evolving and adaptive. 

There are some people in the world though that opens your eyes to yourself and makes you feel 10 times the person you are. I believe that people are very lucky to find these kinds of souls even once in a lifetime. When one does, one should treasure it and appreciate that person who makes you feel that way..but that is just me. 

I believe in the good in people, and everyone has their stories and things that makes them walk away or pay a little more attention. Even if the action may be negative, it doesn't change the potential of that person. I love and hate people at the same time and I never lose hope in them. Great happiness can only be achieved if you give yourself fully, and that is why I am so optimistic and always a bit naive and give almost thoughtlessly. I believe there ARE people out there who won't take all of me for granted and embark on an adventure with me and see me through a lens which makes me feel incredible about life. When I do find that person, I know I have so much to give without expecting anything in return. If that isn't an amazing relationship then I still have a lot of mistakes to make and learn from. Keep them coming. 


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