Orient Express

Saturday, December 27, 2014
Trapped in a dark cloud at 10:42 PM

Every passing minute is really hard to deal with and a huge effort.
I wish I got comfort and love without asking for it.
I think secretly, I am waiting for a hero to save me.
Further and further, I feel like I am sinking and more reasons are arising which makes me feel like I have no way out of this mess and torture.
Glimpses of happiness gets teased in front of me and then snatched away, and I try to be strong all the time but really, is there anyone out there who can provide me with a sanctuary so I can hide for a little while from everything nasty about the world and being a part of the living itself?
The hardest thing in life is to find someone who will go through and help you through the torture called 'life.'

Will anybody be able to save me?

do you need somebody to be able to help you through everything? sometimes other people can cloud your judgment or make you struggle more... im not saying that having a SO in your life is a bad thing but sometimes you should try to stand up by yourself rather than lean on somebody. not everyone can be relied on and sometimes that pillar you're leaning on can crumble just as easily as you can yourself
I didnt even realise someone would ever read all this drab. Thanks for taking the time to read my whining and reply so comprehensively
its okay :)

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