Orient Express

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Gray at 3:15 AM

Monotonous minutes which crawl by like a fly walking through a sea of honey
The heaviness of your eyelids that tries to conceal the urgency of the present
Complacent expressions surrounds the horizons, and you are enraptured by the simplicity of the theory, the concept, the proposal
All too quickly the trees sheds its leaves as it readies itself for chilling isolation
What seems like an eternal slumber impedes into tomorrow
It is inevitable that spring will blossom with its fruitful flowers of hope once more
But the snow is not kind to those with no shelter
Amidst the grueling battles with oneself, even tears will freeze and break away in this kind of subzero
And it will start from the fingertips, and creep to one's core. One knock or drop will send it flying to pieces
And then I will be no more.


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