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Friday, April 6, 2012
Dreams at 4:11 PM

I had a night of the most weird set of dreams ever.

Forcing myself to sleep, constantly being in REM, some fucked up shit goes on in my head.

On a brighter note, I lost weight. 45.4kg now. 5 more kilos to go until I might have a flat stomach and thinner thighs.

I have to trim my fringe as well.

Thinking of going for a jog too. I think I shall do that.

I have to get started on my 100000000 assignments too. After the easter break I have a shitload of shit going on fucking...

My lovan seems to be kicking in somewhat...even though I still wake up extremely early a few times, I feel somewhat normal and a bit more stable and rational than before. I have to find inner strength, apparently. I think I am on the right track. Quit constantly giving into the affection of others and give myself affection and respect.

I will go out and see friends that do not complicate or harm my life. I will be fine.


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