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Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Too Fkn OUT OF IT at 2:33 AM


I hardly got any sleep and for some reason recently I seem to wake up ages before I'm supposed to, and I force myself to go back to sleep if I can. A couple of rounds of this = very unrefreshed sleep.

So I get to work I get a splitting headache. I sit down for a bit, and my pharmacist was nice enough to shout me a mango lassi from the indian takeaway next door.

And then I went to the toilet during my break and pissed down the side of the can. I was wondering why there was leaking water but alas it was my own piss. I can't even aim sitting down. That was a pretty big indicator of my steady approach to being senile, amongst other miscellaneous activities I got up to.

Oh I bumped another car while parking again. I gotta stop doing that...

I was gonna go eat at the famous cafe nearby which I have never been too, even though it's literally a block away, but yet again I succumbed to my laziness and ended up drive through'ing at maccas.

What is the point of this blog? Not sure...hard to find the point of many things lately. When you want peace and quiet, any noise is piercing. When you want to be amongst a rowdy scene, silence becomes a lot more poignant.

Sometimes I want to know if I will like my life 5 years from now. I fear that it won't be much different from the way it currently is. Hopefully this will be the hardest year of my 20's, considering I am one of those poor students who barely get by on government allowance, yadda, but THAT IS PROBABLY WISHFUL THINKING merrr. I have a fear for each passing birthday, like a tightening in the chest prior to an impending heart attack.


mmm mango,
and change the music on ur blog

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