Orient Express

Saturday, January 14, 2012
it's always a bad ending at 11:04 AM

So it's always been the same story. The grass is greener on the other side? So what if it really is?
The truth is that we probably all strive to find that greener turf without knowing which road to cross and end up dodging all sorts of dangerous traffic and might even get a few sprains and broken bones in the process. Is that lush green field worth it in the end? Maybe the ones who do end up happy in the end are the ones with the most broken bones and we should pity the ones who will never know.

I like to console myself that i'd rather be a broken happy girl than a stupid one. It doesn't really matter how many times I run away or make stupid mistakes, be hated against...i personally think the happiness of life comes from knowing and believing that we can always try and achieve some sort of prize. Without that to string us along in life, I don't think I can even live on...


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