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Monday, October 24, 2011
The Heat Is Coming =X at 5:42 AM

So I was walking home from uni today and I realised it was fucking hot.

No help that my rash hasn't cleared up yet; I was in my jeans and trudging up the hill in my neighbourhood getting more and more dehydrated by the second. Whilst dizzy and semi-delirious, I realized that it wasn't a good time to be sporting an unhealthy diet when summer was coming around.

Along with the heat, I'm starting to think about a whole can of issues of the world that probably doesn't even matter to me and getting really stressed out about them.

On top of that, my exams are coming around again. It's the big ones. Not a good time. NOT A GOOD TIME. I am looking forward to 3 weeks later with all my heart and consciousness that has somehow remained to stay intact.

Sad sad times up ahead, more and more people leaving uni = more serious people. The time for the idle exploration of youth is very short lived indeed. I wonder how fast this season of heat will pass...and how dreary life ahead of the heat will be.

get an ice crushed lemon drink ?
bahahahaha i miss those bruhhh lets go overseas these hols somewhere cheap
yeee lets go melb or something ..jess and i were kindddd of planning it a long time ago.. dont know if she's still up for it though
lets go lets go!!! i had a dream we went to this scary place with mutant humans hunting other humans and you were with me...
xD i miss you that much too :P

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