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Saturday, July 2, 2011
Holidays again. Boring? You guessed it. at 9:31 PM

I guess I'm not really demanding now when I've been through this for 2 decades already.

Holiday after holiday, I don't really have money to fund myself with titillating trips across the seas and continents. There seems to be a lot of things that I have to occupy myself with, like driving lessons, preparing for next semester's studies, trying to get my bloody timetable fixed, getting regular exercise done, trying not to be in debt...

I don't think I'd be much of a good company anyway in my agitated state.

I'm already dreading my birthday. It's too much pressure to turn 21. You either have to pass it in secrecy or have a huge explosive shindig, or else it just becomes too subtle to pass people's standards for a '21st.'

The myer stocktake sale was shit. The stock they have during this time is old and shitty. Times like these I wish I was overseas during REAL sales with things that actually are my taste.

I just realised I have to save up money for the end of the year. SO MANY THINGS TO DO! Study gamsat, try and work more to save up money, go on a volunteer trip to mongolia(?), and still try and enjoy my youth. AH YOUTH! WHERE ART THOU?

Wow call me grapefruit, because I'm one big ball of bitterness aren't I.



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