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Saturday, April 23, 2011
Holidays are..boring! at 7:01 AM

Am I right or am I right?

What I really wonder about is, what do all the people who can't afford weekend getaways or simple trips to the countryside do?

I could probably stretch it a bit and go on a small trip, but my situation is, I don't really have a group of people to go with (...) and I have clinical placements to go to every saturdays as well as a casual job on wednesdays and fridays.

So, in between all of that, I really have nothing to do. I was supposed to try and get my P's these hols, but I realised today how much I really suck at parking...


Soo today I went to my placement, slept, ate, watched getaway and jotted down on my phone nice beaches I might go to one day, played some isketch, painted my nails, contemplated going out to hit the clubs but decided not to since everyone was already drinking and I hate not being properly invited beforehand and I take a million years to get ready andddd I cbf.

So I tried on my new Jeffrey Campbells and walked around my apartment a bit.

At this point I'd rather be going to uni. If I had my P's I might be inclined to go on a short 1 night 2 day trip to Jervis Bay or whatever, but schmeh...

Tomorrow I'll be hanging at another family's place whilst the kids' parents are out having a fun easter. I might just sneak alcohol inside and make a few depressing cocktails for myself, smoke a stick of weed and watch a korean horror movie.

Or maybe I'll be depressing and get some holiday studying done. Did I mention it was raining?


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i ate so much at Pat's family+relatives easter thing....fk that creme brulee was good :)

i wanted to make spinach and ricotta pie.
i ate chinese chicken and chinese broccoli! loooooooool

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