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Sunday, March 20, 2011
Statuses - I MEANT IT! at 3:55 AM

Are you one of those people who set messenger statuses to an automatic 'away' or 'busy' yet fully partake in 'available' actions?

For me, I am actually 'busy' when I set my status to 'busy.' Let me clarify, I am probably busy doing some uni work, but I may have a spare moment to occasionally talk if you're not being distasteful.

When I am 'away' I may be cooking, watching a show/movie, cramming, or actually away. At this point, I will probably reply to emergencies such as anything exam-related, if I even look at my computer screen from time to time.

What do your statuses actually mean?

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i have to mute my laptop ... to bear reading your blog sometimes :) jk i love that song ... OR DO I ! dun dun dunnnn

im a genuine status changerer .... i actually change it to busy when im busy and away if im away. :) see im a good girl :)
me too. i don't see the point in being "away" only to be sitting there evidently available.

unless you do it so as to avoid certain people or give yourself an excuse for ignoring people - thats ok...but then why wouldn't you delete those people anyway ?
because you want to avoid that awkward moment when you see the person you deleted and they know you deleted them...THEY KNOW *serious face*

i feel obliged to reply to those annoying people though, just because I am actually present and not THAT busy. (i'm looking at you, angy) Ah, gotta love equating cyber communication with a real life.

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