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Friday, February 18, 2011
Pitiful Petite at 4:36 PM

And so I realised how annoying it was to shop online when you are 5ft with a curvy bootay. My upper body is quite slim but then I have some donald duck business going on. Petite length? Yes. Petite ass? NO. So I made it my rule not ever to purchase jeans online. I've bought leggings and a pair of korean jeans before, which seemed to fit me length-wise as well as ass-wise, which was a surpise! However, I have never found a pair of european jeans (ranging from target, nudie, ksubis, levis, sass & bide, etc), that have fit me, they usually end up not looking like pants in the end...more like, a disproportioned snake which tried to swallow more than it can handle.

My measurements (they vary up to 3-4cm each time I measure - dodgy!!) are approx. 82-63-89 which is ~ 32-24-35?? I've worn 34 H&M shirts, generally AUS 8 tshirts, AUS 6 dresses and loose blouses, etc. and AUS 8 shorts/skirts. Sleeves are a tinsy bit too long for me usually, but not so long that it needs alterations.

I made a huge haul from ASOS and after reading all the reviews about size, some say it runs too big, some too small, other 5ft asian girls purchased a petite UK 4/6 (although heaps lighter than me) which got me even more nervous as I ordered size 8 in petite AND in the normal range.

(L-R) ASOS PETITE Horse Print Tunic $62.76, ASOS PETITE Exclusive Pleat Drop Waist Dress $57.38 $28.69, both 100% viscose. Model wears size 8

On a second glance, I might exchange the horse print tunic for a size 6 as it looks a bit big on the model already, and she must be nearly a foot taller. I'm also not sure if the models are wearing the regular or petite sizes, as they come in both and the photos look the same...

I also bought a few spring shirts (which is pretty wearable all year round in Aus), a Fred Perry pink cashmere mix cardi, nice lavender bottoms, and misc. I wish I had more holidays up my sleeve, as I haven't gotten a chance to wear any summer dresses I bought last year.

ASOS Laser Cut Leather Short $116.5 $69.93 (100% leather)

Also on my wish list is the Jeffrey Campbell LITA's in mustard, and PIXIE in black suede. The power of the cult is amazing, these sell out in a few hours! I am waiting for solestruck to restock on the PIXIE's. *Fingers crossed*

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