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Monday, February 28, 2011
Disney Disappointment at 5:18 AM

You know what's really upsetting?

The harsh modern reality of Disney, that's what. And Pixar, etc. Do you remember the time when animated films continuously belted out musical classics that are sung decade after decade. From Beauty and the Beast's Tale as Old as Time, to Part of Your World, even up to Tarzan, musical composition has been satisfactory.

Not only the musical score, but the voice actors. Now, there is a reason why these people are called 'voice actors' because they are not screen actors who want to have a go at being the voice of the main character in an animated film. It is because they were trained to be specifically a voice actor.

It's disappointing because animated films used to feature voices which fit the character perfectly, with all the clarity and sing-song qualities Belle or Jasmine should have. I don't understand how any actor who wasn't auditioned, promoted, and casted just for their voice can so easily and repeatedly play the voices of big animations. It just seems like lately, even the magic of animation has been stolen by the hungry jaws of the modern era. Think about it, what cartoons are worth waking up in the morning for now?


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are u tlking bout cartoons and movies or .... animated stuff and their voice actors ? yea.. nowadays the music isnt as singalong and pretty .. but i guess maybe because there aren't those kinds of ppl around anymore and animated movies have just moved on from the olden day cartoon movies ......... OMFG CAN U CHANGE THE MUSIC ... so annoying .... :P
who wakes up in time for cartoons anyway ?
HAHA what's wrong with the music?? wt would u like to hear, like weird indie brisbane stuff?? loool

but yeah, i guess not only animated films but just cartoons in general. They use freaky 3D stuff like alvin and the chipmunks SHOULD HAVE STAYED 2D and garfield etc. personally, 3D 'cartoons' freak me out.

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