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Wednesday, January 5, 2011
What people might not realise. at 6:51 AM

The state of boredom is not solved by a singular form. For me, being satisfied socially would involve friendly greetings from a general audience. It is not a simple matter of liking some singular thing and thus that singular thing is the answer to all my problems.

'Push-pull' doesn't work between friends. It causes isolation and feelings of devaluation of oneself. The lack of ability to be upfront also prevents someone from moving on and not bothering the sour person. Acting ambiguously is the worst, and it is nerve racking, extremely cowardly and annoying. Do people just move behind a curtain because they like to think of themselves as some good samaritan? Next time, why don't those ambiguous, cowardly, rude people stop doubting themselves and act like a human for a change and be more honest to others.

Is that how their parents taught them to behave to others? Does their household not teach things like respect and honesty? Ironically, those cowardly people sure know how to mouth people off behind the scenes, and are able to us a slurry of colourful words to defend themselves. No friendship bracelets for you lot!

But like a rising wave, eventually my disbelief of humanity settles down and all that annoyance ends up crashing upon the shore of reassurance. Reassurance being, that there are plenty of really evil people out there in the world, like Hitler or psychos who rape their daughter. So, that's that I guess...

Until next time.

={D moustache man says : i blame SOCIETYYYY

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