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Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Some Lip Swatches at 5:24 AM

I've got a few Korean brands which are very moisturizing and most of them are very sheer. Clio's makeup range has quite a good quality, I think they're made in Germany. The colours can be quite pigmented, scentless and flattering. Etude House's lip line is also very moisturizing with a pleasant fruity scent. A lot of their colours are quite sheer. It's probably a good starter for beginners in lip makeup, and many of their shades can be applied for casual wear. Not long lasting.

Clio Art Lipstick in Lucid Pink LU60

Etude House Dear Darling Ultrashine Lips in Nude #9

Clio Art Lipstick in Milky Orange MO16
...in different lighting

MAC Viva Glam in Gaga (Limited Edition)

Etude House Lucy Darling Fantastic Rouge 1000 Pixel Lavender #5

(Left to Right) Nude, Milky Orange (upper with TonyMoly Gloss), 1000 pixel Lavender, Lucid Pink, Gaga

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Wow I'm impressed by the pigmentation and moisturizing look of Etude House lip products. And you applied them quite nicely. Thanks for swatches..very helpful.

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