Orient Express

Saturday, January 1, 2011
4am snacking at 12:23 PM

I must say, I've always had some sort of cosmic affinity with the number 4.

Lobster. I usually don't like it steamed, but I suddenly have a hankering for hot lobster mornay.

Lindt chocolate. I think I am going crazy here. They only have some Lotte brand chocolate, ferrero's and hershey kishes. AND I'M SICK OF IT! I WANT MY LINDT! Man, how would a Belgian feel...

(Hmm, my diet isn't going along so well....yet, better dreaming about snacks than not having to cuz you're already full from eating them...)

Pho. Oh My LORDS!!! Where am I going to find the genuine Vietnamese who will give me my pho?!?! *Cries* This also includes Bum Bo Hue(?)

Ramen. The thick, intoxicating pork soup type. I long for that intense taste dancing upon my palate once again. The 3 Major Meats are currently a cautionary delicacy in this country so I feel like a lion who's been starved for a week.

I think that's it. I will continue watching 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody." I like it cuz there's an asian in the show.


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