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Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Some Lip Swatches at 5:24 AM

I've got a few Korean brands which are very moisturizing and most of them are very sheer. Clio's makeup range has quite a good quality, I think they're made in Germany. The colours can be quite pigmented, scentless and flattering. Etude House's lip line is also very moisturizing with a pleasant fruity scent. A lot of their colours are quite sheer. It's probably a good starter for beginners in lip makeup, and many of their shades can be applied for casual wear. Not long lasting.

Clio Art Lipstick in Lucid Pink LU60

Etude House Dear Darling Ultrashine Lips in Nude #9

Clio Art Lipstick in Milky Orange MO16
...in different lighting

MAC Viva Glam in Gaga (Limited Edition)

Etude House Lucy Darling Fantastic Rouge 1000 Pixel Lavender #5

(Left to Right) Nude, Milky Orange (upper with TonyMoly Gloss), 1000 pixel Lavender, Lucid Pink, Gaga

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Resolutions? Or Life Ambitions...(i should be ashamed) at 9:22 AM

I think, for myself to not succumb to depressed thoughts and isolation, I need to try and find different means of establishing myself in this world. I think this is an inevitable endeavour for everyone who lives in some sort of microcosm of the world. I've attempted various means of getting acknowledgement, but I think the easiest way to do so is to lock myself away and excel in whatever I should be doing. Yes, it's noone's fault that some people are rude or hurtful, but perhaps it is better to simply give up on trying to impress or get acknowledged by those who will probably never want to be on the same wavelength as you, and gain respect in a field that you are most likely to achieve success in. Am I referring to locking oneself away from the crudeness of society and becoming a book/lab/whatever-worm? Maybe. I never know exactly what the fuck is the most ideal way to live a hurt-free, least anxious life, but I am trying all sorts of things.

Latest attempt/s to feel acknowledged in this big, ruthless, lonely world:
Finishing off my unfinished business on fanfiction.net
5 years ago, I felt the usual urge to write something and post it online. So I did. And I never finished. It was always on a cliffhanger too. I loved the reviews that I got since it made me feel useful and appreciated, and like a part of me was giving joy and excitement to others. The ability to spark such enthusiasm because of what I did/created was in essence, magical. I recalled that during my boring lengthy overseas stay, so I made up my mind to finish what I started and relinquish the thirst of people who still commented and asked me to update even after 4 years.

Although I felt really compared in the gyms back in Aus, since they had all these people from my age to mid 40's running/sprinting for over 2 hours and such, the gym under my apartment complex where I am living at the moment has heaps of people like me come to get fit =]. It makes me feel more inclined to regularly go and work up a sweat. Yes, excuses, but who cares when it works for me hoho. Basically, I'm attempting to make a realistic goal for myself to get fit and toned and lose those 5~7 kilos I've always wanted to get rid of. If that doesn't earn some self-satisfaction points, then I'm truly doomed!

Although it's not really related, I'm currently attempting to bring life back into my hair via home made hair treatment I call mayonnaise. Grossed out yet? It's some weird remedy my mum told me of, but desperate times call for desperate measures as I do not have $80 to pay for my favourite option. I will update after a period of usage if mayo-squintense actually works.

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What people might not realise. at 6:51 AM

The state of boredom is not solved by a singular form. For me, being satisfied socially would involve friendly greetings from a general audience. It is not a simple matter of liking some singular thing and thus that singular thing is the answer to all my problems.

'Push-pull' doesn't work between friends. It causes isolation and feelings of devaluation of oneself. The lack of ability to be upfront also prevents someone from moving on and not bothering the sour person. Acting ambiguously is the worst, and it is nerve racking, extremely cowardly and annoying. Do people just move behind a curtain because they like to think of themselves as some good samaritan? Next time, why don't those ambiguous, cowardly, rude people stop doubting themselves and act like a human for a change and be more honest to others.

Is that how their parents taught them to behave to others? Does their household not teach things like respect and honesty? Ironically, those cowardly people sure know how to mouth people off behind the scenes, and are able to us a slurry of colourful words to defend themselves. No friendship bracelets for you lot!

But like a rising wave, eventually my disbelief of humanity settles down and all that annoyance ends up crashing upon the shore of reassurance. Reassurance being, that there are plenty of really evil people out there in the world, like Hitler or psychos who rape their daughter. So, that's that I guess...

Until next time.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011
4am snacking at 12:23 PM

I must say, I've always had some sort of cosmic affinity with the number 4.

Lobster. I usually don't like it steamed, but I suddenly have a hankering for hot lobster mornay.

Lindt chocolate. I think I am going crazy here. They only have some Lotte brand chocolate, ferrero's and hershey kishes. AND I'M SICK OF IT! I WANT MY LINDT! Man, how would a Belgian feel...

(Hmm, my diet isn't going along so well....yet, better dreaming about snacks than not having to cuz you're already full from eating them...)

Pho. Oh My LORDS!!! Where am I going to find the genuine Vietnamese who will give me my pho?!?! *Cries* This also includes Bum Bo Hue(?)

Ramen. The thick, intoxicating pork soup type. I long for that intense taste dancing upon my palate once again. The 3 Major Meats are currently a cautionary delicacy in this country so I feel like a lion who's been starved for a week.

I think that's it. I will continue watching 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody." I like it cuz there's an asian in the show.

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