Orient Express

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Updatesss at 7:30 AM

I like to wait up till 4am to watch american dragon and kim possible on the kids channels. It's a thrilling hour.

I've also improved reading korean subtitles so now I can watch anime on tv without english subs. I went to the Gukje markets the other day and in the second hand stalls, they sold 100% wool pullovers etc for 5000won etc, which is a bit less than $5AUD. They were nice designs too. Seems to be second hand products from Japan, I think it's leftover from the Japanese who invaded Korea a long time ago, and Busan is also close to Japan, so there must have been a lot of Japanese housewives who were bored and liked to knit at home.

I've also started knitting. I was gonna knit a white pullover for myself, but after I went to the markets, I thought, why put myself through the stress and effort. Turns out knitting is fucking hard, and I can't even knit a mini scarf for my pig doll. *Cries*...

So yeah. My mission is to keep my little pig warm.

*Edit*: 29/12/10 Piggy scarf is complete!!!


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