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Thursday, December 2, 2010
MAC and CENTUM at 1:10 AM

Visited Shinsegae mall at Centum City today, apparently listed in the Guinness book of world records as the world's largest department store. It includes a golf range, spa, ice rink and dine in cinemas. Initially went to buy a bulk of christmas cards (which they didn't sell in bulk, thus had to pay for each and every one >>) but ended up buying a pair of shoes and a cosy winter cloak, as well as the new lady gaga pink lippy I've had my eyes on...

My new favourite of my pink lippy collection. It's long lasting, even after a drink and has no scent, glides on smoothly. It isn't a moisturising formula so I recommend using lip balm prior to applying any lipsticks really. I use Lucas' papaw ointment. Yes, I have conformed like all other girls in Aus but I should've done so earlier! Not only is it hydrating but also has healing properties for chapped skin, burns, etc. so I prefer it over Shiseido's Water in Lip.

I also bought MAC's kohl eye pencil, due to raving reviews. It is indeed the blackest black that I have used wooooo.

I bought this jumper online because I thought it was so cute!

It's a nude Donald Ducky!!!!!

Last thoughts: I hope I bought enough christmas cards... and fuck those who don't stay in contact/blatantly ignore me, I'm sending those people a scary jesus e-card.


HAHAAHAHAHAHHAAH... scary jesus e-card.
my back hurts jai.... i should go to a chiro or physio or something .. but i dont want people touching mee.. ew.

i miss your cute stature
let me remind u that u are only a tinsy bit taller than myself *angry vehement glare*

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