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Tuesday, December 28, 2010
Animal Farm Warnings at 11:50 PM

1. Do not eat beef, or beef soup, or anything cow based in Korea. The American government and economy has an absolute monopolizing power over S. Korea and so they force import of old american beef, which have no confirmed testing that it is free from BSE aka Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy aka mad cow disease. They've done a good job of covering it up, and for some reason, Lee Myung Park's one nation government spews out its usual propaganda about American beef being safe to the Korean public. There is also no guarantee that the so-called 'Hanwoo' (korean beef) is not American beef. Definitely do not trust that it is Hanwoo if it is frozen.

Ignorance is Bliss.

The effects of BSE in humans to not surface until several years later, so you won't get immediate symptoms. This virus is found in the bones and the flesh around bones of cows, so the portions under the highest risk are such delicious servings as ribs, and the famous korean 'Gom' soup and "Seullung Tang" i.e. beef tail soup, which is known towards have benefits to stamina, health, and general well-being. Also be wary of food which may use cheap frozen beef, such as pizza and any fast food joint who do not claim to use "Australian Beef." (McDonalds uses Australian beef, Lotteria uses 'Hanwoo'...however, check #2.)

2. Do not eat Korean cow products OR pig products. Cattle infected with FMD (foot and mouth disease) was found recently in various farms, which is suspected to be spread by another pig farm.

"I tried to stop him, but he just wouldn't listen..."

Yonhap Source
It seems that this is 2 seperate outbreaks in SKorea(Pigs & Cattle). SKorea will/has "culled" animals(slaughter) which began yesterday. So far 3,100 have been killed and approx 1,400 among the rest are scheduled to be culled today(the number of culled is actually higher).
FMD confirmed in SKorea(cattle)

Yes, in this nation, there is only the good ole' chick to depend your carnivorous urges on. Although I am not sure if this is also propaganda or not, Japan has stalled all imports, so I guess it's better to be on the safe side.

3. Oh, and just when we thought we could shift our faith to our favourite avian delicacy...
H5N1 strains were found in dead chickens in Japan...

Officials in Shimane Prefecture, western Japan, have begun destroying some 23,000 chickens at a poultry farm that's been hit by bird flu.

The highly virulent H5 strain of the avian flu virus was detected in 5 chickens that were found dead at the farm in Yasugi city on Monday.

On Tuesday, dozens of officials in protective gear arrived at the farm to destroy all its chickens.
In addition, movement of chickens and eggs has been restricted at 4 other poultry farms within 10 kilometers of the site.

Badass chicks on a whole new level

Noone can be sure if the virus has been safely contained in Japan, or if the avian flu already spread. Thus, if you are the typical hypochondriac, perhaps it is safe for folksmen of your genre to be wary of KFC and fire chicken.

Go vegetarianism!

(wait, aren't we forgetting someone?)

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Updatesss at 7:30 AM

I like to wait up till 4am to watch american dragon and kim possible on the kids channels. It's a thrilling hour.

I've also improved reading korean subtitles so now I can watch anime on tv without english subs. I went to the Gukje markets the other day and in the second hand stalls, they sold 100% wool pullovers etc for 5000won etc, which is a bit less than $5AUD. They were nice designs too. Seems to be second hand products from Japan, I think it's leftover from the Japanese who invaded Korea a long time ago, and Busan is also close to Japan, so there must have been a lot of Japanese housewives who were bored and liked to knit at home.

I've also started knitting. I was gonna knit a white pullover for myself, but after I went to the markets, I thought, why put myself through the stress and effort. Turns out knitting is fucking hard, and I can't even knit a mini scarf for my pig doll. *Cries*...

So yeah. My mission is to keep my little pig warm.

*Edit*: 29/12/10 Piggy scarf is complete!!!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010
MAC and CENTUM at 1:10 AM

Visited Shinsegae mall at Centum City today, apparently listed in the Guinness book of world records as the world's largest department store. It includes a golf range, spa, ice rink and dine in cinemas. Initially went to buy a bulk of christmas cards (which they didn't sell in bulk, thus had to pay for each and every one >>) but ended up buying a pair of shoes and a cosy winter cloak, as well as the new lady gaga pink lippy I've had my eyes on...

My new favourite of my pink lippy collection. It's long lasting, even after a drink and has no scent, glides on smoothly. It isn't a moisturising formula so I recommend using lip balm prior to applying any lipsticks really. I use Lucas' papaw ointment. Yes, I have conformed like all other girls in Aus but I should've done so earlier! Not only is it hydrating but also has healing properties for chapped skin, burns, etc. so I prefer it over Shiseido's Water in Lip.

I also bought MAC's kohl eye pencil, due to raving reviews. It is indeed the blackest black that I have used wooooo.

I bought this jumper online because I thought it was so cute!

It's a nude Donald Ducky!!!!!

Last thoughts: I hope I bought enough christmas cards... and fuck those who don't stay in contact/blatantly ignore me, I'm sending those people a scary jesus e-card.


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