Orient Express

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
productivity at 8:17 AM

unexpected company pays a visit
like an efficient machinery, somehow
knowing the exact moment
when a familiar "hi" can cause
the blooming of a daisy
and the world appears to emerge
in a healthy, yellow brightness

the glow radiates beyond
through the trillions of cells concealing
the core of within
and melts the winter of the heart

like a cherry chapstick
to dry, barren lips
the ink seeping down the channel
to form elegant calligraphy
on a fresh page of parchment
the virgin voyage of an eager child
to a land beyond the seas
the first drop of lemonade trickling down
a parched throat
"land, ahoy!" to the lonely sailor

light seeps through the crevices and cracks
teasing and
the covered windows and blocked corners
do not seem to inhibit hope
but awareness of life just behind these walls
places an unusual calm in the mind.


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