Orient Express

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Can You Hear It? at 5:34 PM

Frequencies which vibrate the oscillations of the air that surrounds us
like a musical note, the sound is plucked, and the message is conveyed through the medium between ourselves
a heart frostbitten and stiff;
the wave surreptitiously writhes and slithers through the particles surrounding
hit the icicles, shatter immobility, transform into warmth
of a living entity
and those pumps and thuds delivers its gratitude
back into its environment
and the waves spiral in big, generous wavelengths
for a recipient to bounce off from
and send it back.

The melodious thumping will continue
and adapt a monotonous drive
and forget reason
whilst waiting
and grow cold once again.
It will weaken;
be under exhaust.

And the rain will fall
the icicles will form
warmth will be gone
beat will get slower
and the music will stop.

"underlying tone of melancholy" ???

more like, outright and blatant emo-ness. what is up with your head for you to write this ?

it is quite nice though. but...did you find this or write this ?
lol don't flatter me
... yes .... interesting ...

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