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Monday, November 16, 2009
Pretty♥ at 3:46 AM

I don't know exactly how this poisonous manifestation of my self-image grew this big.

I know there are bigger issues in the world, and this would make me quite superficial, but unlike the myriads of issues in society that are only made aware once in a while in the media, my incessantly annoying thoughts about how I look and how I compare are ever present. Although I know that my looks isn't anywhere near the biggest worries of my life, it has somehow become a very sensitive issue with myself over the course of my life. I think it started to develop when I began to be more aware of myself at approximately 10.

It doesn't help that a woman is best described by her looks and femininity and beauty is what epitomises us in this society.

I have a solid goal I am planning to undergo, and let's see if that will lessen the burden of my appearance complex. I want to be able to look in the mirror and be reasonably satisfied with what I see.


lul.. approximately 10...

maybe you should live with hobo's for a couple of days ... get an insight of their unfortunate hobo life....
hey why aren't you posting any !
But Jung-Yeun, you are beautiful as you are...
Besides, beauty fades, but inner beauty doesn't, so it's more important to cultivate the latter...

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