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Saturday, November 14, 2009
Mini Pigs♡ at 7:04 AM

I want a mini pig. They're so adorable.

A domesticated breed of cute little piggies which I find much cuter than puppies. Intelligent and very clean, and eat almost anything. 2000~3000 dollars I think. My love for cute little piggies has always been present ever since Babe. Joking about wanting to steal a piglet from a farm and domesticate it, I never thought it would actually be possible. But now it is!

Santa, it's nearly Christmas, and one of these cute adorable piggies would make up for my lonely childhood! Save a depressed teen, won't you? Suicide rates and teen depression are on the rise, someone's not picking up the slack you obese creepy man who hides in snow and lets heaps of children play on your thighs.

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wat happen to pugs !!!!
but these are so much cuter!!
... will you eat pork again......... WILL YOUU ?!

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