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Friday, November 20, 2009
List of random lol's @ work at 6:56 PM

  • When a little boy says to his dad at the chemist "I want lady's lipstick!!" Dad: "No you don't."
  • When an asian buys extra large condoms
  • When a whole family walks around with crocs on their feet
  • When someone testepops when serving a customer
  • When a little kid says "Thank-you, sir." at the counter. You're a chick.
  • When you get so absorbed drawing a weird picture on scrap paper that you don't notice the customer staring at you waiting at the counter.
  • When singing and humming christmas charols becomes instinsic and coworkers catch you doing so
  • When you direct customers around the store and smash into something
  • When a woman smiles at you because you're subconsciously singing ke$ha

@ the christmas carols. my version = when me and coworkers start singing the christmas carols to each other and/or making up our own lyrics.

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